Floor Experts Create Safe Working Environments in Asbestos-Rich Environments

Monday 13 July 2015, 7:31PM
By Handy Sanders


Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer with links to asbestos inhalation, and there are fears of a surge in the number of cases after the Christchurch quake destroyed buildings constructed with the deadly fibres. The most at risk from exposure according to such worries are workers that are involved in the repair and rebuilding efforts in the area.

Fortunately, the review conducted by the Royal Society and the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser found that the workers’ risks of exposure to asbestos were generally low. This is because everyone working on the rehabilitation projects iswell aware of the presence of asbestos and they are taking all the necessary precautions.

The risks of inhaling asbestos would only significantly increase to the point of causing considerable concern if workers acted recklessly and didn’t follow procedure. An example of the common safety measure is wetting all the surfaces including walls and floor refinishing to prevent the fibres from taking flight.

Knowing what to do is important when doing any form of renovation or repair work on any building. Consulting a professional before getting any work done is the best way to ensure that there aren’t any nasty secrets hiding around in the house.

The Harry Sanders Floorsanding Services, for example, are the best people to talk to whenever there are worries regarding floor surfaces. The family-owned company is the one place to go for floor sanding in Auckland; they’ll beable to recognise whether there are any problems with moving the project forward.

Harry Sanders offers expertise on a variety of floor tasks, including finishes, laying, staining, repairs and even demolition. Each one of these jobs requires a specific skill set in order to execute properly—safety, in the case of possible asbestos, chief among them.

Ensure positive welfare by allowing people who have years of experience in dealing with floor-related questions.Let the experts apply their knowledge and make the entire home safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

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