Fishing Charters in Tauranga are Organizing Big Game Fishing Trips

Monday 13 July 2015, 10:31PM
By Tauranga Fishing Charters


Have you ever dreamt of being a professional angler? Taking on the seas, catching a gigantic tuna or marlin, and bringing the catch home to show off to your friends – for the average Joe, it probably sounds like a day in paradise.

This dream may not be too unrealistic anymore, however, as big game fishing in Tauranga has seen an unexpected surge. Even if you have little to no fishing experience, charter companies can take you and several of your friends or family on a trip of a lifetime.

Braving the Waters and Reeling it in

One of the charter companies that offer these popular game fishing trips is Tauranga Fishing Charters. A team of professionals who have been exploring the seas for years, they know how exciting it is to fish for larger game in new waters.

“It’s one of our greatest delights to see our clients excited with their first encounter with big game fishes,” says Tauranga Fishing Charters on their website. “We’ll take care of all the things you’ll need, whether you want to see how these hulking sea creatures are captured, be part of the action, or simply satisfy your palate.”

These experienced anglers navigate fishing areas around the Bay of Plenty, such as the Alderman Islands area, Penguin Shoals, and Mayor Island. They use top of the line equipment and live bait to reel in the fish, with impressive success. They are very patient in answering client questions, and are happy to share their knowledge of fishing with beginners.

Chartering a boat costs $1500 for a full day, and is good for a maximum of eight people. The company can also arrange for overnight accommodation at Mayor Island for a separate fee. If you want to set sail on an adventure of a lifetime, you can visit the website of Tauranga Fishing Charters, or give them a call at 0211 324 531.