The Top Recruitment Trends to Follow for 2015

Tuesday 14 July 2015, 1:23PM
By Quinn Recruitment


Every year, the job market changes—and 2015 is no different. This year, employers like you need to create larger budgets for recruitment and prepare to hire in larger volumes. You need to stay current with the latest trends as well, because this can help you become aware of how the market changes and how those changes would affect your hiring practices.

While staying on top of the changes and trends can be time consuming, it can make the difference between a great recruiting year and a year of losses.

Job Hopping

This 2015, people are starting to job hop, creating a more competitive landscape for employers seeking to attract and retain star talent.

One of the top trends this year focuses onretention. A good way to keep up with this trend is to engage current employees and provide them opportunities to learn and grow. Even professional support and guidance can go a long way.

Hiring Whenever Top Talent Applies

Because people are starting to job hop and because the job market is more competitive than ever, hiring whenever top talent becomes available is also becoming a rising trend. It used to be that recruiters and HR hired only when a position opens up. Today, most departments are shifting from that traditional recruiting model to a completely different approach: beginning the hiring process immediately as soon as top talent applies.

Specialist Recruitment Agency

This trend can be difficult to follow, but fortunately, thereare specialist recruitment agenciesin NZ that can help you, such as Quinn Recruitment. “We know how critical the selection, evaluation and verification of talent can be for any organisation,” according to the folks at the recruitment agency. “After all, a business is only as good as the people it employs.”

The agency uses the talent-pyramid principle in their recruitment methods, which is a time-proven concept that recognises that if each candidate is equal to or stronger than the person who precedes them, the company will become more productive and more efficient than ever, which is important in today’s competitive job market.

Quinn Recruitment also provides opportunities to those looking for accounting, advertising, and travel careers, to name a few.

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