Dirt, Allergens, Mould, Pests: Getting Rid of Unwelcome Guests at Home

Tuesday 14 July 2015, 1:49PM
By A-Jet Services Ltd


Like most people, you probably think of your home as the ultimate sanctuary—a place of peace and relaxation, away from the stresses of work and your busy schedule. This is where you spend most of your time sleeping, eating, and entertaining guests, which is why it is extremely important to keep it clean the whole time.

Unwelcome Guests

Even if your home is already clean by conventional standards, however, there may be unwelcome guests you cannot see that are living and feasting on your carpet and upholstery. These unwelcome guests, who include pests, bacteria, mould, and allergens, could be making you or someone in your home sick. In some cases, these things can aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD.

Carpet: Dirt, Allergen, Pest Hotspot

One of the zones in your home that could be full of these unwelcome guests is the carpet. While regular vacuuming will definitely remove much of the everyday dust and dirt on the surface of the carpet, it cannot remove the bacteria, mould, pests, and allergens hiding deep within the fibres.

Even leaving shoes at the front door does not guarantee you a completely clean carpet free from dirt, dust, and allergens that can settle into even the most meticulously maintained carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

Fortunately, there are some professional carpet cleaners in Auckland that can provide a complete cleaning service, which can leave your carpet thoroughly clean. One of them is A-Jet—one of the most sought after names in the city for their first-rate cleaning services. Their services have proven to clean embedded dirt and hidden bacteria; their services also reduce allergens while improving the appearance of the carpet.

Their secret? A-Jet uses only the latest technology in steam cleaning to make sure each carpet is truly clean. Their service includes a pre-treatment application as well. To make homes smell even fresher, they apply a subtle carpet deodoriser—for free—when they finish cleaning. A-Jet offers pest management services as well to complement their cleaning service.

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