Rise to Power: The Emergence of Solar Power Systems

Tuesday 14 July 2015, 6:43PM

By Tim Miller Plumbing



Some things remain free even today, just like sunlight. Researchers say that the enthusiasm of homeowners in New Zealand for solar power is radically increasing.

Electricity Networks Association, a representative of electricity companies, found that the number of solar power systems installed in residences increased by more than thrice in the last year and a half. Records show that there were 1,630 units in 2013, and there arealready 5,367 units just this March 2015.

Solar power systems benefit consumers because of the savings they get. But on the part of electricity supply companies, such as Electricity Networks Association, the emergence of this technology creates a lot of questions within their industry, about whether this trend is fair for other people or not.

ENA chief executive Graeme Peters said, "If you have a solar electricity-generating array then that means your overall power bill will be lower and that means you can access the low-user fixed charge.The amount of money that you'll be paying for maintaining the lines network is reduced, so that increases the cost-subsidy to people who don't have solar power, so that raises all of these issues.”

Nelson residents saw the practicality of solar power systems, given the region’s climate. Homeowners use solar panels to power their appliances as well as the central heating system during cold season.

Aside from Nelson, the Tasman district joins it in leading the pack proportionally. For every 10,000 people in the area, there are 41 solar power systems, as compared to the national average of 12 units.

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