When Migraines Attack: Reducing the Severity and Frequency

Wednesday 15 July 2015, 6:52PM
By Muscle People Physiotherapy


The dreaded migraine attack is perhaps one of the worst things you can experience, especially if you’re in the middle of a meeting or doing something that requires you to concentrate. This intense throbbing or pulsing sensation is often accompanied with vomiting, nausea, and an extreme sensitivity to sounds and light.

The most horrible thing about migraines is that they can last up to hours, and at its worst, can even last for more than just one day. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to tell if you’re going to experience a migraine until it’s too late, and more often than not, lying down and secluding yourself in a quiet place isn’t enough to get rid of it.

The physiotherapists at Muscle People know that most migraines usually originate from the neck, noting that ‘If your headache or migraine is one sided but can occur on the right side one time and then the next time it is on the left, or if your headache can be in different places, then your neck is likely the cause.’ They are knowledgeable in providing migraine treatment and headache therapy, with over thirty years of experience assessing and managing the upper cervical spine for migraines and headaches.

What separates Muscle People from the rest is that their therapy does not involve cracking or manipulating your neck; instead, they gently stress the spinal segments in a sustained and persuasive manner to reduce the pain of migraines and intense headaches. This method is an internationally recognised approach that examines the top three spinal segments that is more accurate and reduces the risk of making the migraine worse, preventing potential  attacks in the future.

Other than migraines and headache treatments, Muscle People also provides general physiotherapy NZ wide, ranging from acupuncture, sprain and strain therapy, and sports therapy and massage. They are committed to accurately diagnosing injuries and providing rehabilitation and preventive therapy for musculoskeletal injuries and other conditions, with the end goal of returning patients to their optimal level of functioning. Prospective patients may visit for more information about their therapies and treatments.