Hamilton Dental Emergency Centre – Good Tooth Extraction Service When You Need It

Wednesday 15 July 2015, 8:32PM
By Hamilton Dental Emergency Centre


Tooth extraction has always been a necessary, albeit scary, oral process. Advanced tooth decay and broken tooth are situations repair is impossible and extraction is the only choice. This is not only because of aesthetic reasons;decaying tooth can open the way for harmful bacteria to reach the bone marrow as well. Still, exodontia involves some of the most feared dental procedures, such as nerve cutting and tooth pulling.

Dentists look at tooth extraction as a last resort. It is a pricey procedure and if there is a way to salvage the patient’s tooth, they look at that solution. Nonetheless, there are two kinds of tooth extraction: simple and surgical. The former involves local anaesthetic and without anti-anxiety medications. On the other hand, surgical is self-explanatory. Oral surgeons handle these procedures when it includes teeth that have not fully erupted.

Waikato-based Hamilton Dental Emergency Centre provides tooth extraction and a host of other dental services. The decision to have tooth extraction is not something that would coerce you to have the procedure in the middle of the night, but rest assured that the dental office is available for other emergencies. If you are experiencing unbearable pain in the wee hours of the night, make sure to call the office as soon as you are able.

Come to Hamilton Dental Centreif you need a dental office that provides all the dental care you need. Trust Dr Gautam and his staff to accommodate your dental needs, from routine and preventative care to cosmetic procedures. If you feel like ensuring your teeth’s wellbeing or having a more attractive smile, schedule a consultation with the doctor. Children under 18 years old can come to the office and have free treatments.

Dr Rahul Gautam is a native of India who attained a Masters in Dental Surgery back in 2001. Five years later, he moved to New Zealand and started a practice, which would become Hamilton Dental Emergency Care. Though limited to general practices, Dr Gautam has a wealth of experience in all of his areas of practice.

Dr Gautam specialises long-term dental care for his patients. By conferring with them, he is able to create individual plans addressing each patient’s primary concern. His continuing education enables him to provide up-to-date advice and information to his patients. His commitment to good dental health has made him a popular figure in Hamilton.

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