Asphalt & Chipseal New Zealand – Understanding the Crucial Importance of Asphalt Maintenance

Thursday 16 July 2015, 12:45PM
By Bay of Plenty Asphalt Ltd


Asphalt plays a major role in numerous industries, particularly with areas concerning roads. This substance is primarily used for pavements, parking lots, driveways and roads due to its durable quality and low-cost ratio.

Maintenance is important when it concerns the mentioned surfaces due to its daily load of heavy traffic and weather conditions. Without proper maintenance, asphalt surfaces are at risk of deteriorating earlier, which leads to higher costs on your part.

Depending on the country’s climate, asphalt pavement lasts 1-3 years without any maintenance. As time progresses, however, oils in the aggregate escape the asphalt, making the top coat more vulnerable to damage. New Zealand is no stranger to sudden weather changes but your asphalt pavement is. Excessive heat from the sun and cold weather combined with heavy traffic causes asphalt to fall apart.

Prolonging the wait before seeking asphalt repairsleads to damaging consequences for your pavements and driveways. Prevent further damage by calling certified asphalt surfacing contractors.

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Surface cracks allow water to reach your pavement’s underlying, which causes deterioration. Serious damage to a structure’s foundation might require a relaying service, which costs more. Regular maintenance prevents future costs through early detection.

Stop surface cracks from spreading and increasing in size by hiring the experts. Bay of Plenty Asphalt Ltd. specialises in maintenance and repair work for your asphalt pavements. The asphalt experts offer cost-effective solutions that help prolong your driveway or roads use.

Practice regular maintenance with the help of professionals. Bay of Plenty Asphalt Ltd. is your best bet at prolonging your asphalt surface’s use. Visit their website for more information on their services.