Secondary Aggregates and Their Aggressive Rise in the Industry

Thursday 16 July 2015, 1:26PM
By Heavy Metal Haulage


Whichever manufacturing industry you consult with, you will come to find that the need for sustainable resources is an increasingly forceful factor – especially in New Zealand and in the discourse of the production of aggregates.


A recent report states the use of secondary aggregates is helpful in boosting recycling rates. While it sounds promising, the added legislation may bring higher costs. Nonetheless, this is still notable news to the force of environmentally sympathetic production.


Where and What


About a third of the states in Europe produce secondary aggregates as of writing. Germany and the UK lead the way in relation to proportion of aggregate sales. Every year, 275 million tonnes of aggregates are produced for the UK’s construction industry.


Secondary aggregates come in either the natural form of slate aggregate or china clay sand. Most of the time, however, they are manufactured from various metallurgical slags, used foundry sand, colliery ash or pulverised fuel ash.


Demand and Sustainability


Of the 275 million tonnes, 65 million come from recycled or secondary sources. Even when added up and even when the numbers seem plenty, it’s estimated the country will need another 20million tonnes of aggregates.


Either the industry will have to meet this demand from primary sources or they increase the efficiency of secondary materials for recovery and recycling. There are two driving factors in this industry’s sustainability: the locally sourced materials, and the price of haulage.


With that said, aggregate haulage is an important factor in profitability, especially now that roading services and agricultural cartage services are soaring. The haulage of essential materials is becoming a sought-after service, driven by the rise in production of secondary aggregates, as mentioned previously.


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