Peace of Mind Building Inspections

Friday 17 July 2015, 8:14PM
By idDesign


<p>Peace of Mind: <a href="">Building Inspections&nbsp;Auckland</a></p> <p>By having a pre purchase building inspections&nbsp;carried out by a professional and followed up with a thorough and detailed&nbsp;Building Report gives you, and your financial institution, the confidence you are about to do the right thing.</p> <p>We offer a unique yearly warrant of fitness on all monolithic claddings for a fee as little as $175.00 + GST annually.<br /> By choosing &ldquo;Peace of mind Building Inspections&rdquo; you have all the following boxes ticked:</p> <p>38 Years Building Experience<br /> NZIBI Accredited<br /> Licensed Building Practitioner<br /> Inspections to building inspection standard 4603 2005<br /> Indemnity Insurance&nbsp;(with wet cover) Public Liability Insurance<br /> Sensible easy to understand building reports based on age of house<br /> Meths test sampler<br /> Invasive and non-invasive moisture testing<br /> We service ALL areas of Auckland down to Waikato.<br /> We are covered with indemnity insurance with wet cover.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>With years of experience in the building trade &ldquo;Peace of mind Building Inspections&rdquo;&nbsp;has the ability to inspect a property for peace of mind. If you just want to check out your own valuable home or investment, &ldquo;Peace of Mind Building Inspections&rdquo; will use a protimeter to determine &nbsp;any moisture issues.</p> <p>When buying the home of your dreams or an investment property it is important to know the condition of your prospective home as unknown or unseen problems can soon consume a substantial part of your equity, your time and your mind.</p> <p>Peace of mind&nbsp;Property Inspectors&nbsp;completes the&nbsp;Inspection&nbsp;and provides you with a detailed Building Report, &nbsp;he is&nbsp;also available to discuss any issues or concerns you may have from his findings.&nbsp; The complete assessment of your prospective home&rsquo;s condition allows you to make an informed buying decision.&nbsp;Auckland Building Inspections cover the wider Auckland area.</p> <p>Building Inspections Auckland only offer top customer service and reliability.</p>