Lessons Learned Installing Security Doors - Xpanda Security Auckland

Tuesday 28 July 2015, 4:51PM
By Xpanda Security


At Xpanda Security, we apply the lessons learnt over the last 15 years in every security door and security gate solution we offer.  Sometimes lessons learned come from left field.

A director of a high speed performance computer assembler and retailer from East Auckland contacted us to provide advice and install commercial security doors to protect his valuable computer stock.  We proposed a solution to protect his retail shop in the front and warehouse at the back.  This high performance computer shop was the first to move into a brand new building of five units.

We completed the job on a Friday installing a combination of:

Removable bollards and roller door lock downs to protect the back roller door.
A double layer of security gates and concertina doors to protect the back warehouse glass door.
Concertina doors and bollards to prevent ram raids for the front retail shop.

The director phone us late on Friday afternoon and said “thanks for complete the job so quickly, now I can sleep easy”.

Early Monday morning we received a phone call from the director informing us they had been broken into.  Our faces turned white – how could this be?  We rushed off to site and discovered that the burglars had broken through the neighbouring unit that was unprotected and cut / bashed their way in thought the adjoining concrete wall and not through our security door systems.  Due to the electronic system not being set up correctly the thieves had all Sunday night to work hard to clean out the stock.   We were relieved that Xpanda’s security gates and bollards had done the job.

The outcome was that the director changed the electronic security provider and convinced the landlord to contact Xpanda to install commercial security doors and gates on the neighbouring units.

Whenever we advise clients on their security requirements, we always comment on the security of the neighbouring units and perimeter.