Waterproofing Roofs: Preventing Water Damage

Wednesday 29 July 2015, 2:04PM
By Brockelsby Roofing Products


The roof is perhaps the most underappreciated part of the house, especially when it comes to rain protection. Not only does it keep you warm and dry, but it also prevents water from causing damage to the insides of your home.

Unfortunately, there’s only so much the roof can take and eventually, even the toughest of roofs can literally crack from the force of rain. More often than not, you’ll only start to really worry about your roof during the wet season when it starts leaking and creaking.

Brockelsby Roofing Products notes that water damage is a real threat to the entire house and addressing it is necessary if you want to avoid more costly repairs. Their team of expert roofers offers roofing Wellington wide, making sure roofs are water resistant and strong enough to bear the brunt of rain.

The kind of roof your house has, the company notes, affects how water resistant your entire house is. They note that certain roof types, such as corrugate roofing, are both versatile and durable roofing materials that withstand rain better. This is due to their usual design, which is a distinct curved profile that allows the rain to naturally slide down to the ground, preventing it from getting near the more vulnerable walls.

Brockelsby Roofing Products, however, explains that ‘roof fixings are also a critical part of your watertight roofing solution’. Apart from the roof itself, what makes it stick to the top of your house are some of the things that you also need to consider, as these are actually at risk when the rain starts falling. The nail roofs, for example, should be both watertight and weatherproof to make sure they don’t corrode and turn loose in time as it can cause the roof to literally break apart.

Installing a gutter and spouting system also adds another layer of protection from the rain, as it effectively redirects the water from the more vulnerable parts of the house and roof and disposes it in a safer place. The Freeman Group notes that apart from ensuring that water doesn’t get into the more vulnerable spots of the house, this system also lengthens the lifespan of your roof.

If you are worried that your house’s roof may be at risk of falling apart due to water damage, then the team of expert roofers at The Freeman Group is more than ready to provide excellent roofing Lower Hutt wide and make sure your roof stays strong even in the face of torrential rain.

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