Bartercard Members Are Invited To Recycle With The Appleseed Recycling Trust

Thursday 30 July 2015, 9:12AM
By Beckie Wright

Floyd from Appleseed Recycling is keen to point out that Bartercard members have an opportunity to find out how important recycling is in their business, and Appleseed Recycling should be the first call Aucklanders make when they need to get rid of "one off" loads of unwanted material, junk and general waste.  Not only will they sort, load, remove and clean up, but the most important factor is that they will recycle between 80% and 95% of it.  Appleseed Recycling not only believe in the saying that "one man's trash is another man's treasure" but they live it.

In keeping with that, they will take anything and everything and sort it, whether that be commercial office relocation clean outs or residential organic or inorganic collections, they will take it all and at a very competitive price, and all items on trademe are available for purchase on Bartercard.

While collecting the material and diverting as much as possible from landfill is Appleseed Recycling’s key task, at the very heart of their organisation is their passion to see communities working and lives changing through people being not only gainfully employed but earning a sustainable wage.  While it is essential that like any other "business" they need to be profitable, their focus is on their people.  With the material collected they can outfit a home for a migrant family or a paroled prisoner, and through their construction waste diversion programme they can collect enough brand new residual construction material in 12 months to build a new home. They can also supply schools and community groups with materials for their community gardens, and can provide education and training to the long term disadvantaged and create "micro-enterprises”.  The list goes on.

Bartercard members will be aware of the rising cost of waste disposal, the pressure placed on landfills and the impact this has on the environment.  It is essential that better ways are found to reduce and preferably eliminate waste, by upcycling, which requires retraining our thought processes. Appleseed Recycling specialise in one-off domestic, commercial and industrial collections and will collect all Waste, Junk, Inorganic, and Organic Material and will separate at source, dump all non-upcycling product and upcycle the rest.

For more information on Appleseed Recycling please visit their website at http://www.recycleauckland.co.nz , and for more on Bartercard please go to http://www.bartercard.co.nz .