From Then to Now: How Screen PrintingEvolved

Thursday 17 September 2015, 2:47PM
By Signs n Stuff


From simple cards and banners to iPod and mobile cases, almost everything has an imprint of screen printing today. The innovation in processes and equipment paved the way foran expanded range of applications for this printing technique.It is proven as an effective method suitable for different materials, and its versatility becomes more necessary in various industries.

Recent Trends in Screen Printing Process

Over the years, the craft of screen printing has developed significantly, incorporating modern technologies and techniques. Sophisticated machines are now available, which reduces the risk for human errors common in using manual tables.

Today, the industry uses semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment, which are able to produce quality prints on almost anything and everything. Not only limited to posters and signage, screen printing is useful for materials that involve wood, glass, metal or plastic.The most popular applications include brochure holders, corflute signs, bumper stickers, window graphics, automotive decals, and more.

The screen making set up also has evolved, with nylon mesh replaced by polyester yellow mesh and wooden frames with aluminium frames. Accessories, such as drying units and exposing machine were also introduced.

In the aspect of inks and varnishes, new chemicals and solvents are currently in use, which are low in hazardous compounds.

The Growing Screen Printing Industry

The industry continues to grow not only because of the advent of new technologies and innovative processes, but also the contributions of printing companies that are committed to introducing new ways of improving the art and science of screen printing.

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