Xpanda Security NZ - The difference between steel security doors and aluminium pedestrian barriers

Wednesday 23 September 2015, 9:17AM
By Xpanda Security


At Xpanda Security we make numerous types of retractable security doors and gates.  These are also known as concertina doors or retractable security screens.

At the high end of security gates there is the fully framed steel concertina doors to the aluminium safety barriers used to prevent pedestrians entering a workshop, warehouse or a certain part of the shopping centre after hours.

Recently we have seen a few security screen installations behind shop front windows where aluminium pedestrian barriers have been used instead of steel concertina doors.  This is a concern as the pedestrian barrier is designed and used for pedestrian safety and will perform poorly as a security screen.  Clients are at risk of being an easy target as burglars know the vulnerability of the wide spaced diamond and flimsy aluminium screens. 

The aluminium pedestrian barrier with its wide apertures and light weight construction works well to secure an area and prevent pedestrian walk through.  This product is ideal for securing warehouses when the roller grilles is raised, partitioning off “no-go” areas after hours in shopping malls. 

The next level of security protection is steel retractable grilles that is fixed on each side.  It has an aperture of about 90mm at the widest point of the diamond with many riveted joints that provides strength but can be hinged out of the way.  This is ideal for shop fronts that face medium risk and areas that need to be barricaded i.e. shopping centres. 

Retractable gates that protect egress exits provide increased strength due to increased rows of steel trellis to prevent access to the thumb turn lock (needed for emergency exit) but still have the functionality of being able to be hinged out of the way.

The above security doors have many accessories that increase strength and functionality.

The highest level of security screen that is retractable during business hours is the fully framed security doors that concertina by hanging on a top track and have steel guides at the bottom.  These are very attractive and strong and provide a very effective security window or door screen.   These security doors are used in high end goods stores especially if they supply branded and electronic products.

Xpanda Security New Zealand supply a full range of all the above concertina doors to fit any size opening.