Donna Pascoe & Fishingpro Triumph Again In Houhora Annual Prize-Giving

Thursday 24 September 2015, 2:28PM
By Beckie Wright

Last weekend the FishingPro team headed up to Houhora for the annual prize-giving at the Houhora Game Fishing Club to see if they could snare a few prizes in the most coveted awards of the 2014-2015 fishing season, and were thrilled to be rewarded once again with a swag of trophies, as follows:

National Prize list: Donna Pascoe    

•             1st Most tagged striped marlin 9

•             1st Most points striped marlin 4500

•             1st Most tagged short bill spearfish

•             3rd Most points short bill spearfish

Gladiator – 3rd Most points striped marlin 4500

Team Member Houhora Varta cup winning team

Houhora Club prizes: Donna Pascoe

•             1st tagged marlin season

•             1st most tag and released marlin 11 striped marlin

•             1st most billfish points 11 striped marlin 1 short bill spearfish

•             1st ladies champion angler 11 striped marlin 1 short bill spearfish 1 mako, 1 yellowfin tuna

 With Donna's recent world record Southern Bluefin Tuna in processing by the IGFA the FishingPro team are looking ahead and planning their next world record, concentrating largely on ticking off some potential other tuna species, making for an exciting time for Ken, Donna and Marcus.

Their boat, Gladiator is at present down in Auckland Viaduct where the team are continuing with maintenance and work to get it ready for a cracking corporate season. As the days get longer the fish get closer and it's not long until they’ll be taking their clients out to experience the awesome fishing on Auckland’s doorstep. Big spring snapper and kingfish are a common bounty to return with in just a half day trip departing the very heart of Auckland city.

The new Caterpillar C7 engines have continued to have some hours put on them in anticipation of FishingPro’s busy season. These are running perfectly and, although this undertaking of installing new engines in the boat was a big one, it really echoes FishingPro’s commitment to offering the very best experience on the water. The team have been gathering data from the engine's performance and very soon they’ll be re-pitching the propellers and this, coupled with the new engines, is a formula for more speed out of the boat and it goes without saying that this is great news. The Corporate season in Auckland has already started to pick up with Gladiator heading out for both party cruises and fishing charters in recent weeks.

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