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Get The Gift Of Great Hair This Christmas, with VS Sassoon!

Wednesday 7 October 2015, 11:36AM
By Impact PR

Started your Christmas wish list yet? Treat yourself to the gift of great hair this party season and send the VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer straight to the top of the list – the quick, quiet and quality way to get fabulous hair that shines as bright as your festive lights!

With cocktail parties and beach barbecues beckoning, gorgeous hair is a top priority – and the VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer delivers the three Qs to achieve this – quick, quiet and quality. Your hair will feel as good as if you’ve been to your favourite salon, look shiny and healthy – and you won’t have even stepped out the front door!

In the biggest breakthrough in hairstyling since the hand-held dryer first launched, the lightweight VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer boasts new brushless motor technology, enabling it to dry hair 70 per cent faster, with airspeeds of an incredible 150km per hour.

Perfect for all hair types, including long or thick hair which can been more tricky to hand-dry, the quick-dry capacity of the 3Q dryer means hair is exposed to heat for less time, helping it remain healthier than ever. And with clever ceramic technology, your hair absorbs heat more effectively, minimising damage and stress to your strands.

If summer humidity leaves you fighting the frizz, you’ll love the 3Q’s high ionic conditioning, which eliminates static and styles faster, while trapping moisture to reduce frizz by up to 75 per cent, leaving you with shiny, smooth hair that’s ready to party!

The 3Q’s patented noise reduction technology reduces standard dryer noise by 40 per cent, for a peaceful yet powerful drying experience. It’s also lightweight – the 3Q dryer weighs just 550gms, so you dry your hair in comfort and complete control.

Boasting a next generation ‘SmartTech’ brushless motor, which utilises magnets and electronics to drive the motor, the 3Q’s clever technology not only provides a quicker dry but also extends the life of the dryer by 10 times. That means if you were to use your 3Q hair dryer for 15 minutes every day, you can expect the motor to last more than 50 years!

The VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer has three heat and three speed settings to allow you to customise your hair drying experience, and a true cold setting to allow you to set your hair. Unlike many other dryers, the 3Q cuts the motor rather than turning off the heat, meaning it works instantly and is genuinely cold.

If you’ve been blessed with curls, the 3Q offers a diffuser attachment to build life and volume into your locks, and to dry natural curls. Simply scrunch hair dry to create texture and loose waves. Or use the concentrator to allow you to style with greater precision if you’re straightening a fringe or dealing with a particularly stubborn piece of hair that just won’t behave.

No matter what your hair type or style, the 3Q dryer is sure to be your best accessory this party season!

The VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer (RRP $239.99) is available at Farmers, Harvey Norman, Betta Electrical and leading electrical retailers.

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