9 Proven ways to create content that goes Viral

Sunday 18 October 2015, 5:20PM
By Found SEO Ltd

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What do the common cold and viral content have in common? Not much, right?!

But what if I told you they’re more alike than you think… How so?

They’re both highly contagious.

Let me explain:

Viral content catches like a cold, spreading across the internet via social networks likeTwitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

And as it does so? It infects every user it comes in contact with gets your content shared! In turn driving views, backlinks and traffic to your website.

So we know viral content is the kind any business would love to create. But the question remains:


Far from requiring a laboratory of scientists, creating viral content that gets shared is as simple as including some killer ‘Content Contagions’: scientifically proven strategies that you can use right now to maximise the viral, contagious nature of your content.

The kind of viral content that drives even the most resilient of readers to share!

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