Axe Excel - Accountants ditch spreadsheets for new forecasting tool.

Thursday 26 November 2015, 10:21AM

New Zealand SaaS software company, Spotlight Reporting has launched the next generation cash-flow forecasting product into the global marketplace – a smart business tool, helping business owners and their accountant champion success, with crystal-ball insight.

Spotlight Forecasting, the latest SaaS product from the Xero Award-winning Spotlight Reporting stable, is an effective all-in-one budget creator, 3-way forecaster and scenario builder tool, providing cashflow clarity for informed decisions.  With a seamless integration with Xero, QuickBooks Online and Excel, Spotlight Forecasting is helping accountants and business advisors ditch clunky excel spreadsheets and get them current with cloud accounting practices.

“Accountants and Business owners have been shifting their practices to cloud models for the last 5 years” says Richard Francis, CEO of Spotlight Reporting.  “Transitioning to paperless offices and educating their clients around better decision-making using cloud software is a growing trend.  Our forecasting tool helps accountancy practices offer the very best insight to their clients at a fraction of the cost of hours billed using an excel spreadsheet.  It gives end-users a strategic advantage, helping them monitor vital information, gaining real-time financial and operational visibility.”

“It’s going to make a real impact for our client’s business and their lives. It will replace a spreadsheet that I’ve been using for the last fifteen years” -  Paul Bulpitt CEO of The Wow Company and Xero Head of Accounting in the UK.

Spotlight Forecasting is available to accountants, CFO's and bookkeepers globally.

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