Pre-Xmas Clean-Up With Bookabin

Friday 4 December 2015, 11:56AM
By Beckie Wright

Every year the lead-up to Xmas seems to go more quickly and we are left with very little time before our summer holidays begin. Summer is the time when we like to have a clean-up around the house and section as the days are longer and we have time to ensure our properties are looking their best for the rest of the year.  This is where the superb service offered by Bookabin comes in with their incredibly easy-to-use website. The Bookabin skip hire service saves both time and money by having a database of skip bin supplier rates so that they can present the best available price for a skip bin hire service anywhere in New Zealand, and to meet their customers’ specific requirements.

One of the most frequently quoted sentiments of Bookabin’s clients is how easy they find the website is to access and how easy it is to use. Their online booking engine offers consumers value for money by providing the lowest available price for refuse disposal services, and its aim is to provide consumers with a high standard of service and excellent value.

Another big ‘plus’ for people using Bookabin’s service is that, no matter how big or small their waste removal requirements are, Bookabin have skips to suit their needs, with skip bins from as small as two cubic metres up to as large as 30 cubic metres. This service is ideal for people who are moving house, cleaning up their gardens or going through a renovation project. The service is also ideal for construction sites as Bookabin have a guide on their website detailing the identification of waste types.

The identification of your waste type is normally fairly straight forward, however there is a simple guide as to what can and can’t be placed in a skip. The waste type affects the price of skip services so it is important to choose the right one for your requirements, and people are asked to note that if prohibited waste is disposed of in the skip, additional disposal charges will apply. To this end, there is also a list of waste types that will not be accepted by the Bookabin service.

The personal attention to detail of Bookabin has made the utilisation of their skip hire service very effective here in New Zealand, and the convenience of having a skip on site also frees up more of our time by eliminating a constant stream of trips to the local dump. Please go to the website today at http://www.bookabin.co.nz  to order your skip today.