Get Into Kings Now To Prepare For Summer

Wednesday 9 December 2015, 4:03PM
By Beckie Wright

With summer at last just around the corner, Kings have some brilliant suggestions for keeping our gardens in good shape throughout the coming months. In store now they have Living Earth Mulch Mix to get plants mulched, and to make our plants stronger to ensure that they’re ready to deal with the delightfully hot – but inevitably dry parts of summer. We can also improve water retention by getting our irrigation systems sorted, adding organic matter (compost, sheep pellets), help pots and hanging baskets with Saturaid, or get everything needed to set up an irrigation system.

There is nothing more delightful than hanging baskets overflowing with petunias which make for a spectacular display during the summer months. All too often people only think of petunias as either annual plants or Harry Potter’s less than pleasant Aunt, which unfortunately means that people often sadly overlook the wide array of perennial petunias out there. These often sprawling, deliciously delightful flowers come in many colours, and are sure to catch the eye every time they flower.

This month’s Plant of the Month at Kings, roses, have had wars named after them, helped us express love and have been grown since ancient times and people can test their knowledge of all things roses with the Rose Facts article to be found on the website at .

Kings currently have a wide array of stunning roses in-store, and people can go in to check them out or buy online. For those needing advice on rose planting and maintenance Kings’ Plant Doctors are rose experts who can be seen instore each weekend.

With their gorgeously showy spikes of white, blue, pink or purple flowers, delphiniums are an elegant addition to any outdoor space and are now in store and online, as is English Lavender. Delightful, highly aromatic, and stunning once established, lavender is a hardy shrub that provides food for bees and other beneficial insects.

Kings are so confident in the quality of their plants, they back everyone with their Sure to Grow guarantee. This means that if for some reason one of their plants fails to grow, they will replace it absolutely free.