Argus Fire Awarded Skycity Portfolio In Auckland And Hamilton

Friday 11 December 2015, 11:18AM
By Beckie Wright

Argus Fire is delighted to announce that they have been awarded the Auckland SKYCITY portfolio in Auckland, covering their seven buildings.  This is in addition to their Hamilton casino which they were awarded earlier this year which means they will be looking after SKYCITY’S Fire Alarms, Sprinklers, Vesda, Restaurant Systems, Back Flows, Pressure Reducing Valves, Gas Flood Systems and portables.

SKYCITY Entertainment Group Limited is a leading entertainment and gaming business with a great brand and an iconic status as a New Zealand and Australian listed company. They operate monopoly casinos in New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown) and Australia (Adelaide and Darwin), alongside a variety of industry-leading restaurants and bars, luxury hotels and convention centres and entertainment is their core business. SKYCITY has a strong and enviable collection of assets, including some of the most significant urban monopoly casino licences in New Zealand and Australia. 

The Argus Fire service team is totally committed to the provision of timely cost effective and personalized maintenance programmes designed to assist their customers in maintaining and improving their investments in people and property. They also believe in working ‘smarter’ so they have developed an integrated ‘one stop shop’ team capable of delivering a no hassle solution to their clients’ compliance requirements. It makes sense to regularly check on fire protection equipment to ensure it will be ready when called on in an emergency so for peace of mind and for compliance with New Zealand code requirements, Argus Fire protection offers a routine testing and maintenance service to ensure both that the systems will operate correctly when needed and comply with the relevant codes and standards.

Argus Fire service sprinkler systems, fire alarms, hose-reels, extinguishers, magnetic hold open devices and emergency lighting, without repeat visits, and these savings are passed on to their clients. There are so many benefits to be had by utilising the skills of an integrated service team, including a single, simple and clear service contact, no strings attached in the fine print, fast, flexible and clear reporting procedures and strong relationships between the client and the Argus Fire technician. They also provide this service with fewer interruptions to production where there is an existing fire protection solution in place.

Please visit their website at  for further information on fire protection solutions.