End Of Year News From Fishing Pro

Friday 11 December 2015, 1:20PM
By Beckie Wright

The hard-working team from Fishing Pro are pleased to announce the start of their corporate season in Auckland on their 55 foot Salthouse sports fisher, Gladiator, with day trips and extended multi day trips departing regularly, and can report that the boat is in top shape for the season and the fishing is going well. The team are looking forward to a very busy December and advise that in time they will be putting lures in the water for this season’s striped marlin and tuna.

Of great interest is the trip that Gladiator recently hosted for a competition run by the New Zealand company, Propspeed. The competition winners, four American sales representatives boarded the boat for two days of great fishing, great food and good fun. The trip was a huge success and despite the weather not exactly ‘coming to the party’ the Gyro Stabiliser was working hard and made the trip very comfortable.

 More news from Gladiator is they are looking to commission their new engines in the next week or so and the crew continue to be impressed by the outstanding performance and ride. As the crew attest, “Summer is no longer hot on our heels but is instead hot on our backs as we stand on the spacious back deck of Gladiator and enjoy this fantastic time of running a charter operation in Auckland.”

FishingPro is a part of Gladiator marine, a respected family business of 20 years standing run by husband and wife team Ken and Donna Pascoe. Donna regularly gets out on Gladiator, keeping in touch with where the fish are and the current best techniques to catch the big ones. Donna is in the business of helping anglers realise their dreams in catching the big one that all anglers dream about and she likes keeping in touch with where the fish are and the current best techniques to catch the big ones and, of course, spending time talking to their fishing captains and reviewing boats and crew on the water to keep her well informed to know which vessel is right for which client.

Watch this space and keep up to date with all the news on FishingPro’s website at .