Creative And Well Priced Printing Supplies For Christmas From Haysom Print

Friday 11 December 2015, 2:06PM
By Beckie Wright

This year is flying by and it is now time to be seriously thinking about ordering your Christmas cards and any other Christmas printing supplies. Simon Haysom of Haysom Print is requesting that people don’t leave it to the last minute to put in their annual Christmas printing order, as he is already very busy with his regular customers’ orders. Sending Christmas cards out to valued customers is still as good a way as any of letting them know how much their business is appreciated, and it remains the most personal way to send Christmas greetings. The friendly team at Haysom Print can design a trendy, yet traditional card with your company logo to which they can give a clever Christmas twist. Everyone likes to receive a personalised Christmas card and having your staff sign each card shows how much time and effort have been put into the greeting.

Speaking of time and effort, Simon and his team continue to put their time and effort into every order they receive, with some customers coming back year after year over the past twenty years. They have been providing good old-fashioned service to their customers, which is why they have such a loyal customer base. Haysom Print is not the faceless facility of so many modern print services available today and this is what provides what Simon calls their ‘point of difference’. Their service is very different from the large ‘faceless’ overseas company’s type of service, where clients have to pay upfront and order through a website portal.  For instance, the  Haysom Print 'team are happy to quote allowing for some design/lay-up work, while most other printers quote for printing only and add design/lay-up on top of that. Another area where Haysom Print ‘aims to please’ is in the area of out-sourcing. As long as the job is not time sensitive, they can outsource to China for very large print runs, where they organise the whole thing and pass on the cost savings to the customer.

As Christmas is such a busy time of year for most businesses, we all need to know that our printing jobs can be completed on time and on budget. One of the major selling points of Haysom Print’s service is that they are big enough to handle the really big print jobs, but small enough to care about their smaller customers. So for that really big Christmas card order, or for a small personal order, go to the website at http://www.haysomprint.co.nz and get in early for Christmas!