New Team Member For Gas Detection Team At Entec

Friday 11 December 2015, 3:26PM

By Beckie Wright


It is with much pleasure that Entec announce that Dave Catt has joined their Gas Detection team.  Dave has in excess of 40 years’ experience in selling and servicing gas detection equipment in New Zealand. He is known to be one of the most experienced Gas Detection Specialists in New Zealand.

Dave started APC in the mid-1980s, and in 2010 he sold it and has worked in it for the last five years; he now brings his knowledge to Gas Detectors His passion is fixed point systems which will be his major focus at Entec, although he will be available to handle all types of gas detection enquiries.

One of the driving forces bringing Dave to Gas Detectors is because they can manage a fixed point gas detection sale from the cradle to the grave. They can spec clients’ site requirements, quote and supply product, manage the installation and commissioning, ensuring a term of life management.

Dave’s contact details are;

Phone; 021 466 318


Entec are also pleased to announce that they are now distributors for the Honeywell Analytics line of Fixed Point Gas Detection products.  They are starting with the above Mid Industrial and Commercial Range.  Dave has represented this line of products in New Zealand for many years and has great faith in it reliability, affordability and durability. These instruments have been widely accepted as being leaders in the oil and gas industry.

Entec have also just added to their range the MSA / General Monitors Acoustic monitors and other fixed point equipment.  The Acoustic monitor is world class in acoustic leak detection. Adding to their range of Tyco /Oldham transmitters and controllers that have a strong bias towards the food and beverage industry gives Entec a wide coverage in the New Zealand fixed point gas detection market. The above products allow Entec to offer fixed point gas detection customers the best solutions for their best practice in protecting people and plant.

In their quest to offer the best possible installation and ongoing service selected Entec personal have been to recent training sessions with, Industrial Scientific, Oldham and Honeywell Analytics, ensuring the most up-to-date service for their growing portfolio of clients. For further information, please visit the website at .