Ollie Dale's Helpful Guide To Aurora HDR

Friday 11 December 2015, 3:41PM

By Beckie Wright


Ollie Dale, photographer and film-maker of Virtually Famous, the new brand for PhotoNZ, recently reviewed Trey Ratcliff’s brand of High Dynamic Range photography software, Aurora HDR. In his review, Ollie is at pains to clarify the fact that his is not a professional review, but rather one primarily on behalf of the average photographer who is looking for a ‘one stop shop’ for working with Photoshop, Lightroom and Photomatics. As Ollie explains it, for him Aurora HDR is more in tune with the creative style of photography in which he engages and he elucidates just how easy it is to use, providing much more information for the amateur photographer.

Ollie also takes care to distance himself from the excellent tutorial that accompanies Trey Ratcliff’s software package, saying he is just taking the time to acquaint himself with the advantages of Aurora HDR, and to assist other amateur photographers in understanding them. Ollie explains that he was part of Trey’s crew who recently travelled the length and breadth of America, filming all his city visits where Trey did his photo walks and that his review is a completely independent one.  

Aurora HDR is the World’s Most Advanced HDR Software (High Dynamic Range) photography software and more information can be accessed at , where Trey says, “My favourite thing is I can finally do everything I need with ONE tool! I no longer need to rely on Lightroom, Photoshop and a variety of plug-ins. All of the images in the gallery below were made solely with Aurora HDR.”

For more information on Ollie Dale and Virtually Famous please visit the website at .