Bore Drillers: Reliable Partners of Agricultural Businesses

Tuesday 5 January 2016, 6:37PM
By Carlyle Drilling


Starting an agricultural business is no simple responsibility. There is a long list of things you need to do to make sure that the entire operations are running smoothly. For those who are thinking of starting a farm and building an agriculture-based enterprise, having access to water is important to keep the livestock well and maintain sanitation.

Finding a viable source of water is challenging. Carlyle Drilling offers services that will help you build an irrigation system for your farm. For more than 30 years, the company has been drilling holes and finding waters. They have helped thousands of clients grow their agriculture-business.

Carlyle Drilling has established a reputation for their workmanship and professionalism. They believe that their people are what drive their business. They use advanced methodologies and equipment to get the best outcomes for their clients. Nevertheless, what makes every project possible is the company’s advanced bore drillers and fleet. Currently, the company uses these special trucks to achieve excellent results.

Foremost DR-24

The Foremost DR-24 is used to create medium to large municipal, industrial, farm and irrigation wells. To date, this is the company’s most powerful machine. It uses dual rotary drives, which enable it to carry out drilling and casing simultaneously.

GD 1400

The GD 1400 is also used to create medium to large municipal, industrial, farm and irrigation wells. The truck has accomplished more than 400 jobs in the past. It is capable of drilling wells up to 440mm wide and 750m deep.  

Cyclone 36-R

According to Carlyle Drilling, the Cyclone 36-R is used to create small to medium farm, irrigation, and domestic water wells. The company uses it when handling projects of clients from coastal communities. This machine is capable of powering through gravel and boulders.


The Hino-Custom is suitable for small farm, irrigation, and domestic water well drilling. It is a small and fast machine qualified to create shallow holes with small diameter. It uses an on-board compressor to create rural and domestic water wells.

Carlyle Drilling has a team of professionals that effectively handle these machines. To learn more about the company or to read their case studies, visit