Raspberry PI – A Small-Sized DIY with Gigantic Benefits

Wednesday 6 January 2016, 3:45PM
By Geek Studio


The March of Technological Progress continues to reach countless areas around the globe. From phones with desktop capabilities to Go-Pros documenting memories on the go, technology continues to astound users and develop convenience at a faster scale.

Technology teaches users one thing: big things come in smaller packages. Who needs a bigger camera when you can use a palm-sized Go Pro to take pictures or record videos? With other products such as the Apple Watch arriving in smaller sizes, there’s no doubt that the tinier the package, the better its capabilities.

Enter the DIY Raspberry PI from the Geek Studio.

Understanding the Raspberry PI

Raspberry PI is a cost-effective credit-card sized computer pluggable into any computer monitor or TV screen. This little device enables users to explore various areas in computing and to understand programming languages such as Python and Scratch.

From creating spreadsheets to playing games, this device can do virtually anything a desktop does. Raspberry PI can also interact with the outside world.

The idea of owning a Raspberry PI seems expensive. But with Geek Studio’s help, you can make it by yourself.

DIY Raspberry PI with Geek Studio

Geek Studio (Surlex Limited) is an electronics store specialising in DIY parts for computers and robotics. Browse through their selection of tools and parts for your devices. Based in South Auckland, this technology-focused company shares your desire for all things tech and aims to educate others through tutorials. Geek Studio envisions people beginning their own hardware design and embedding successful programs.

If you are looking for Raspberry PI components online, trust Geek Studio to meet all your needs.

The Auckland-based tech shop supplies parts for Raspberry PI such as cases, PI Boards and other accessories. Save up to 50% on selected products such as acrylic RasPI cases or Easy Start Kits.

Geek Studio believes that educating customers maximises the use of bought products. In line with this, the shop also provides website tutorials and products that give customers the basic skills they need when it comes to building their own Raspberry PI.

Be the technological whiz of the century! If you’re interested in building your own Raspberry PI, contact the shop at 021 204 1982 or visit their website at