How Floor Sanders in Auckland Revitalise Old Hardwood Floors

Wednesday 6 January 2016, 3:51PM
By Handy Sanders


Hardwood floors are a common sight in New Zealand homes. When it comes to both practicality and appearance, few flooring materials can compare to the strength and traditional appeal of oak, maple, or pine. However, now that your home is several years old, you may be growing unhappy with the appearance of your hardwood floors.

Perhaps you noticed that it has started looking quite battered lately. Scratches and marks are all over the panels, with the wood’s original luxurious colour long gone. A rude guest may have even commented on how its lifelessness ruins the interior atmosphere of your home. If your floor is gradually becoming an eyesore, it may be time for a sanding and polishing.

One of the best advantages of hardwood flooring is its extreme longevity, and how simple it is to restore. Auckland floor sanding experts can strip away the old, weathered outer layer of your floor, and then refinish it to make it look brand new again.

Experience Counts in Floor Sanding and Polishing

The outcome of a floor restoration job, however, depends greatly on the skill, experience and equipment of the tradesmen performing it. Handy Sanders is one of the leading floor sanders in Auckland, so they know how high the expectations are for their work.

“Our professionals keep their gear well-maintained to avoid damaging your floor and to make sure we always do a quality job,” Handy Sanders proudly states on their website. “Most importantly, Handy Sanders has a satisfaction guaranteed policy, so you can rest assured we'll do the best job possible.”

The company further emphasises how important it is to hire an experienced professional with an established reputation, rather than fly-by-night tradesmen. They are fully certified, have public liability insurance, and are Site Safe approved – qualifications that not all sanders have. You can count on them to do the job with both speed and diligence.  

With their assistance, hardwood floors that look brand new are just a sanding away. Prospective customers can reach Handy Sanders at 09 269 2316, or visit their website at to learn more about their services.