Canterbury Homes Request Independent Repair Survey

Thursday 7 January 2016, 3:38PM
By PB Goosey Ltd


Homeowners affected by the Canterbury earthquakes are asking for independent surveys of the repair work in the region; requests that are stemming from concerns regarding the validity of the Government reports.

It all started with a report by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) released earlier this year. The survey found that the repairs for thirteen out of fourteen inspected properties were substandard, prompting the government to inspect a further hundred homes.

The controversy begins from the fact that official documents show that the homes are from a larger collection of properties put forward by private insurers and Government agencies. The fear is that the resulting survey would result in a favourable picture that doesn’t reflect what’s happening on the ground.

The Canterbury Claimants consisted of approximately 250 homeowners lodged an official request for information on how authorities conducted the survey. In addition, the request also asks what kind of information and data the Government was hoping to get out of the exercise.

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