New Research Claims Stronger Link Between Cancer and Gum Disease

Thursday 7 January 2016, 3:54PM
By Penrose Dental


In New Zealand, the most common cause of death for both males and females is cancer. According to the latest findings of the NZ Cancer Registry, “the age-standardised death rate from cancer decreased by 13.4%, from 145.5 to 125.9 per 100,000 (people),” between 2001 and 2011.

In line with this, a recent research found that periodontitis and cancer are strongly linked to one another. The bacteria that plays a key role in the development of gum diseases also hinders your body from fighting off cancerous cells effectively, leading to the progression of cancer as well.

This study shows that oral pathogen Fusobacterium nucleatum, a troublemaking germ that commonly resides in the mouth area, grants “tumours with anti-immune defence mechanism” and strongly deters the immune system from battling diseases, particularly cancer.

To avoid the bacteria from causing worse problems, scientists remind everyone to keep their teeth clean and make it a habit to get teeth whitening services. Unfortunately, gargling isn’t enough to fend off the bacteria, which practitioners also link to other health problems such as heart disease and HIV.

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