Auckland: A Property Hotspot for Foreign Investors

Thursday 7 January 2016, 4:24PM
By Prestige Real Estate International LTD


Industry analysts say that Asia-Pacific countries, led by China, Japan and Malaysia, are vying for real estate in Kiwi Country, particularly in Auckland.

Recent statistics show that commercial and retail investment returns in the area were typically higher than major cities in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Hong Kong central business district office yields are at 2.6%, while Auckland is at 7.7%. In the case of retail returns, on the other hand, London’s High Street is at 2.75%, while Auckland records 6.25%.

There’s no question as to why foreign investors are keeping their eyes fixed on Auckland suburbs like North Shore. Its pristine beaches, clean air and eco-friendly reputation are major selling points for people entering the real estate market, according to analysts. Further, New Zealand’s property investment laws, which do not include a stamp duty or capital gains tax, lure investors in more convincingly than other hotspots do.

The promised returns of New Zealand property investment depend not only on location, though. With so many investors—both local and foreign—jumping in, competition becomes more cutthroat. Working with industry experts then is crucial.

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