Carpet Cleaning Companies May be the Cause of Some Health Issues at Home

Friday 8 January 2016, 2:30PM
By Superior Steam & Dry


A 2014 National Asthma Council Australia (NAC) Sensitive Choice program-endorsed carpet cleaning company has been losing their franchisees due to issues involving the chemicals they use. According to reports, using this specific chemical may lead to medical issues and damage carpets even more.

The chemical in question is Tinopal, a substance most commonly used as an optical brightener. This fluorescent whitening agent re-emits visible blue light and absorbs ultraviolet (UV) radiation, making it a preferred material for cleaning surfaces like carpets. A respondent claims that regardless of how effective it is, however, it could turn yellow as it ages and can cause severe respiratory problems.

Superior Steam & Dry, one of the leading carpet cleaners in Tauranga, noted that many carpet-cleaning chemicals today are potentially dangerous. If rug-cleaning specialists are truly offering an environment-friendly carpet cleaning service, then this kind of chemical shouldn’t be present at all.

Using possible harmful substances for any cleaning project and claiming to be eco-friendly is a big contradiction. This could affect the reputation of any carpet cleaning company, causing them to lose loyal and potential clients.

Many Australians are becoming concerned about the importance of using safe and environment-friendly resources in their home. Matters similar to this incident could have an effect not only on the local market, but also on the environment. Experts suggest that homeowners should do the research before hiring any company, so they can protect their home from risks.

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