Plumbing Services in Nelson – Save the Pipes

Friday 8 January 2016, 3:15PM

By Tim Miller Plumbing



Plumbers have been working non-stop for the past few days because of all the calls regarding bursting pipes in homes and office buildings. The epidemic of pipe problems is because of all the severe frosts that the country is currently experiencing this winter.

The rapid drops in temperature are proving to cause too much strain on the plumbing, shrinking the metal to the point where it is unable to withstand the internal water pressure, and eventually burst from within. Customers don’t realise that they have a problem until most of the water begins to thaw as the day gets warmer—this compounds the problem.

Plumbers in Nelson, among other places, are bracing themselves for even more calls as temperatures continue to drop to levels as low as -16 degrees Celsius in certain areas. Fortunately, most of the cases of burst piping only involve minor flooding; very few of the calls required urgent attention because of the potential for major damage.

Plumbers advise that home and business owners try to keep the temperatures in their properties up during the night. One of the few ways people can do this is by contacting an electrician to install heat lamps in ceiling spaces. People can also try to drain all their water for the night, or open the manhole cover to one side to allow the heat to rise to the rest of the room.

If residents and businesses want to maximise their chances of staving off the bursting pipes condition, their best bet is to contact plumbing services that specialise in heating such as Tim Miller Plumbing. This company is a member of the Home Heating Association (HHA), and offers a variety of services geared specifically towards raising a property’s temperature to comfortable levels.

These services include solar heating, geothermal underflooring, air to water conversion, gas and diesel radiation systems, as well as log fire installation and repairs. Their reputation in this area of plumbing makes them the preferred installers of place makers, switch pellet fires, water ware heating systems and central heating NZ systems.

When faced with an environmental challenge of this magnitude, it’s best to go straight to the people known to specialise in the solution that works best. Learn more about the people who can make a real difference by visiting Tim Miller’s website at