Window Tinting: Shades for your Windows

Friday 8 January 2016, 3:40PM
By Tint Pro


When it comes to adding a layer of security to your house’s windows, sometimes the usual blinds and shutters aren’t enough. The problem is further confounded when you want to retain the views from your window. After all, who doesn’t want to gaze at their perfectly trimmed lawn or the kids playing in the backyard uninterrupted?

Unfortunately, your windows are potential risks when they aren’t secured properly. The glass panes aren’t a one-way mirror after all, and prying eyes from unsavoury characters will have a good view of the inside of your home.

As Tint Pro explains, ‘with today’s living conditions, other buildings are closer, and we have far less privacy unless we choose to live behind closed curtains or blinds all day’. They note that unlike blinds and shutters, applying glass window tint to your windows still allows you views of the outside and effortlessly controls how much light you want to get inside your home.

Tint Pro is one of the longest running window tinting companies in Auckland, and they understand that for windows, there should always be a mix of aesthetics and security. Each of their technicians are members of the Master Tinters association in New Zealand and their goal is to provide each household with high quality window tinting at a reasonable price.

As experienced specialists in window tinting Auckland wide, they know that tinting your windows doesn’t just keep prying eyes away. They explain that ‘New Zealand has one of the highest levels of harmful UV-rays. These UV-rays are responsible only in part for the fading occurring in homes’. Their solar films eliminate 99% of these harmful rays, protecting not just your furniture, but also preventing the heat and sun from damaging your skin.

Aside from providing privacy and protecting you from the harmful effects of UV light, Tint Pro also explains that window tints and films help control the temperature within your home. They explain that since window tinting effectively blocks nearly all UV light, it reduces heat during the summer months while insulating the glass during the colder seasons. Tint Pro uses only the highest quality films for all their products, showing that they are as interested in protecting your investment as you are.

If you are looking to increase the level of security in your home, but don’t like the idea of using blinds or shutters, Tint Pro offers a more effective option at a reasonable cost. Visit their website at for more information about their range of window tinting options and other services.