Family owned New Zealand winery secures nationwide distribution in China via new business relationship

Monday 11 January 2016, 9:58AM
By Sileni Estates

Sileni Estates has launched nationwide distribution of its wines into China via a new relationship with China Resource Vanguard Co. Ltd (CRC).

Sileni wines will be distributed via high-end supermarket chains, Ole’ and blt, the flagship retail offering from CRC, one of the largest retail chain enterprises in China.

The new business relationship is the culmination of four years of negotiations with CRC by Sileni Estates CEO and President, Sir Graeme Avery.

“We have had a presence in China since early 2007, but the launch of Sileni into Ole’ and blt stores is particularly exciting for us. These high-end supermarkets focus on stocking the best international products, including fresh produce, dry goods and wine. Their retail experience is one of the best I’ve seen anywhere in the world.”

China Resources Vanguard currently has a total of 50 Ole’ and blt stores across China, selling more than 70 % imported products.

“We are very grateful to work directly with Sileni Estates, the famous New Zealand winery with a great reputation. We thank the Sileni team for their support and look forward to seeing Sileni wines grow in popularity in Ole’ and blt,” says the Chief of Ole’ Wine Cellars, Leo Su.

China is now thought to be among the top five wine-consuming countries in the world. Wine is seen as a status symbol among the emerging middle class in China, with growth driven by young people and middle-class consumers who are enjoying higher incomes.

“There is a lot of potential in the Chinese market, which is why we continue to invest in growing our brand there. But it is a market that requires patience, per capita wine consumption is still low, so we anticipate growth will be slow,” says Sir Graeme Avery.

The nationwide launch of Sileni wines will be supported by a Chinese based brand ambassador.


About Sileni Estates
In ancient Greece the Sileni were companions of Dionysus, the god of good things - wine, vineyards and theatre.  Named in their honour, Sileni Estates stands for great food, great wine and great company. The first vintage was in 1998 and since then Sileni wines have won world-wide acclaim for their food-friendly wine style.

The Sileni winery is based in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand’s oldest wine region. The company has vineyard plantings in the Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough and is one of the largest family-owned wine producers in New Zealand.

About China Resources Vanguard
CHINA RESOURCES VANGUARD Co. Limited is a state holding group directly under central government, in the top 500 in the world, and one of the largest retail groups in China. It owns Vanguard, SG, Fun2, Chinese Arts & Crafts, CR Care, Ole’, blt, V>ngo, Voi_la!, Vivo and Pacific Coffee. Their supermarket retail business is number one in China. China Resources Vanguard operates in 31 provinces, including municipalities and special administrative regions, and more than 100 key cities.