New Car Sales Forecasted to Grow 20% in 2016 - Volvo

Tuesday 19 January 2016, 1:22PM
By Impact PR

Volvo NZ says it is predicting a further 20% growth in its new car sales in 2016 as local demand grows for vehicles with more advanced safety features and innovative technology.

The brand has recently reported a record sales year at both a global and local level, with the XC90, New Zealand’s most awarded car for 2015 -  receiving ten awards* including; Luxury Car of the Year, Overall Car of the Year and the AA NZ Motoring Writers’ Guild Safety Award.

Volvo national manager Coby Duggan says buyers are seeking out vehicles which offer greater technological advancements and Volvo is seen to be leading the way in safety, convenience and comfort, he says.

In the past two years, Volvo sales growth rates in this market have been among the highest of any in the world averaging 50% per annum in 2014/2015.

Duggan says at around 5% growth in 2015, new vehicle sales across the industry are expected to be fairly flat in 2016. Despite this, Volvo is forecasting a further 20% growth in 2016, with the new XC90 likely to account for a third of all sales in its first full year on sale here.

He says NZ consumers’ early adoption of the XC90 is an example of the growing Kiwi demand for SUV’s which are both fuel efficient and offer the latest safety technology.

Duggan says demand for the XC90 remains high and there is already a 6-month waiting list for the soon to arrive XC90 T8 - the world’s first plug-in hybrid 7-seater - fitted with the latest generation of fuel efficient Drive-E technology.

Drive-E technology reduces CO2 emissions by up to 30% while increasing power output and at the same time offering better fuel economy.

Along with greater fuel efficiency, billions of dollars have been invested in developing accident prevention features, says Duggan.

These include Adaptive Cruising with Pilot Assist - which keeps an appropriate distance to the car in front and helps keep the vehicle in its lane by using a camera in conjunction with radar – a 360° birds’-eye view camera to assist drivers with parking, and Active High Beam LED headlights – automatically sensing other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

Other features include two world first innovations in car safety including the Run off Road protection system which reduces vertical forces which cause spine injuries and Auto Braking, to prevent turning into oncoming traffic.