Why pay full price when online shopping for clothes?

Tuesday 26 January 2016, 1:55PM
By FindingFashion

A new website aims to help busy Mums save time and money when they shop online for women’s fashion clothing. recently launched in New Zealand and brings the latest retailers fashion sales to your device.  For example, coming up to the end of the summer season, we’re seeing a lot of clothing retailers enticing customers with some great sales – we’re even seeing sales on sales.

“It’s tough being a working Mum and finding time to visit retail stores.  This website allows mums to not only find reliable, local clothing shops that sell online; but we also list current sales – so they can save money at the same time,” says Founder, Vicky Powell.

“Unlike other daily deal sites, we simply focus on women’s fashion and accessories.  We don’t sell the clothing ourselves - we’re simply a portal that distributes the sale information so you can find the best deals at any given time. “

“Online shopping is a blessing for busy Mums, says Powell.  “ I’ve been an avid online shopper myself ever since my daughter was little – you can avoid the stress and struggles of shopping malls.  Sit down at the computer when the kids are in bed, relax and browse at your leisure.”

Coming up to the start of the school year, there’s lots of expenses for most families - so why not save money where you can!

Who has the time to shop around hundreds of retailers to see who is having a sale.  Simply visit and see where you can save money when you’re shopping for clothing.

Visit the website to sign up for week-day or weekly emails and never miss a sale again!