Gas Detectors Report Leading Oilfied Services Company Strengthens Its Gas Detection Programme With Inet®

Monday 15 February 2016, 2:23PM

By Beckie Wright


Gas Detectors report on iNet® as follows: This customer operates in many varied and often challenging geographical environments. At one specific branch of the company, a crew runs reservoir stimulation operations that require monitoring of potentially harmful gases such as oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide. As part of their safety programme, the crew had been using portable gas detectors that required manual maintenance and servicing, leading to high costs and inefficiencies. In addition, the branch’s gas monitoring programme lacked any way of gaining insight into what was happening in the field and how the instruments were being used.

The branch’s HSE Advisor began searching for a solution that provided overall visibility into their gas detection programme and most importantly, kept workers safer. In 2011, the branch implemented iNet®, Industrial Scientific’s Gas Detection as a Service solution. As part of the solution, the crew received 16 Ventis™ MX4 multi-gas detectors and four iNet DS Docking Stations.

iNet® is a software-based service that increases safety by providing visibility into alarms, exposure and usage. Users of iNet® do not have to buy gas detectors, they instead subscribe to Gas Detection as a Service for a monthly fee. Using iNet® Control, a Web-based application accessible from any PC Web browser, they are able to manage and view the performance of their gas detector fleet. iNet® Control eliminates the branch’s challenges with instrument maintenance by automating events such as calibrations, bump tests and instrument firmware upgrades. If iNet®   detects a monitor in need of servicing, the dedicated iNet®   support team sends out a fully functional monitor, replacing the instrument to be serviced by Industrial Scientific.

Lastly, the mobile functionality of the iNet® DS docking station, a plug-and-play solution, provides added convenience and safety as they are installed directly in the crews’ satellite enabled vehicles. The crew credits iNet® with strengthening their gas detection programme. Recently, when a sensor failed in one of the monitors during a bump test, iNet® detected the faulty sensor and quickly delivered a new instrument to the site.

The new insight gained into their gas detection programme using trends, metrics, alerts and custom reports has proven invaluable to operations. The automated recordkeeping capability of iNet® has particularly benefited the HSE Advisor, saving him the time that he had previously dedicated to manual data entry and record maintenance.

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