Photo Nz Ltd (Virtually Famous) Announces Acquisitions

Monday 29 February 2016, 10:53AM
By Beckie Wright

PhotoNZ Ltd., owner of Virtually Famous, is happy to announce a joint venture with Geoff Dale Photography Ltd., and the acquisition of John Thomson Photography.

John Thomson has built up a reputable TradeMe business over several years, selling a plethora of photography and video related products. His TradeMe account has over 17,000 positive comments and features over fifteen hundred products.

The joint venture brings together Geoff Dale, a photographer of 45 years, and his son Ollie, owner of PhotoNZ Ltd., to add experience and industry knowledge to the retail business, and together they hope to provide their clients with support and experience that will back up the products they will be selling.

The acquisition includes almost $200,000 of products, ranging from studio flashes, tripods, and LED lights to clamps, remote triggers and stabilisers.

The new business name will be announced next month so watch this space! For further information on Virtually Famous please visit the website at .