Remove Locky ransomware and apply adequate data recovery

Friday 4 March 2016, 12:47AM
By John Viser

Locky represents another instance of ransomware. To be precise, it is a kind of virus meant to block access to your files by encrypting them and adding .locky extension.

The virus deploys strong encryption campaign on a compromised machine. Applying a sophisticated encryption algorithm modifies scripts of the data affected. The only way to completely decrypt the .locky files is to make use of relevant decryption key. The latter is generated in a way that does not enable its interception.

Backups are a must. If you value your data, it is good to make regular reserve copies. The copies shall be stored offline. For instance, it is good to make backups to the server that remains disconnected to any system expect during the data transmission process.

Another vector of the prevention targets the malware arrival. Locky infection is known to be chiefly distributed with email. The users are strongly recommended to ensure the safety of the letters before opening.

The Locky ransomware is meant to claim the ransom. The stakes are high as each payment for the decryption generates significant revenue to the hackers. That is why they do not spare the effort. In order to drop the rogue, the crooks often resort to tedious routines. For instance, they compromise actual user accounts. The spam letter circulates among all the contacts. The contacts are inclined to treat the message as safe as it comes from the source they are familiar with.

That is to say, a due prevention shall include verification of any contents. To be on the safe side, please do not ignore safety measures even if the message comes from allegedly trusted contacts.
Locky differs from most of the infection. The difference makes it more dangerous as the removal of Locky ransomware may entail inability to decrypt the affected data. That is to say, the ransomware withholds data. In order to get it back into a readable format, the ransomware needs the decryption key. The virus is the only software that can apply it.

The above shall not be understood as a suggestion to purchase the pin from the crooks. However, if you are anyway going to make use of it, the infection needs to remain installed.
There are plenty of decent recovery options. If the virus has infiltrated into your PC, sticking to one of such ransom-free routines is a preferred tactic.

Once you are satisfied with the outcome of .locky files recovery, get rid of Locky ransomware.