Fireside Is Only Place To Be This Winter With Rinnai

Tuesday 26 April 2016, 1:15PM
By Beckie Wright

Shake the rain off your umbrella, get your shoes off, the lights on and whisk the kids and pets inside, because fireside is the only place to be this chilly season, with the new Rinnai Evolve ® 951! The future of fire, the new Rinnai Evolve takes your home to the next level this winter. Featuring a slimmer frame than its predecessor the Evolve 950, clean lines and fully adjustable heat, the new Rinnai Evolve 951 enjoys the position of Rinnai’s most powerful fire yet. Design your own aesthetics with modern burn media or traditional logs, along with a choice of two fascias to complement your living space – be it contemporary or rustic.

With a wide landscape design and linear frame, the new Rinnai Evolve 951 adds a stunning modern touch to any room. Create impact and reflect your personal style with two easily interchangeable burn media options – Silky Oak Logs or glowing River Stones –they’ll create a look unique to your home. Defined by its incredible 5-Star efficiency the Evolve keeps both the environment and your wallet happy. Easily and effectively heating spaces of up to 125m2, the Evolve 951 utilises advanced technology to produce from 2.4 to 8.1kW – so you can enjoy the ambience of a fire no matter what the weather is doing outside.

The Rinnai Evolve 951 also offers easy installation, with wheels inbuilt on the fireplace, the Evolve 951 can be pushed into place after plastering and gib-stopping is completed. And thanks to the Rinnai power flue, you can forget about flue and venting restrictions – the Evolve 951 is easily installed in rooms where other gas fires wouldn’t be an option.

A mesh guard is also an option with the Evolve 951 if you’d like a rich flame picture, with no blurry reflection on the screen. The mesh guard also provides an extra layer of protection from the hot glass, giving you extra peace of mind. And with features such as thermostat control, a set and forget dual timer, and a child lock, you’ll enjoy the reassurance that your family is warm and safe this chilly season. Even better, the kids will love you for choosing the new Rinnai Evolve 951. For a limited time, the cardboard packaging of Evolve 951 will transform into an inspired medieval castle so the children can have fun while you relax with a glass of wine and the ultimate in winter ambience, all thanks to some clever innovation from Rinnai.

The Evolve 951 is one of the many Rinnai heating units approved by the Asthma Foundation’s Sensitive ChoiceTM programme and also boasts the coveted blue ENERGY STAR® mark, identifying it as one of the country’s most efficient products in its category. Rinnai Marketing Manager, Kathryn Geck, says the new Rinnai Evolve 951 sets the benchmark with its impressive output capacity and energy efficiency. “Winter is a time to feel cosy and warm and what better way to achieve this in the home than with the new Rinnai Evolve 951. With its stunning design and clever features, Kiwi homeowners will really feel the difference this season, without feeling the pinch on their purse strings.” Download the Rinnai gas fire mobile app to see exactly how an Evolve 951 would look in your home. Or if you don’t have a smartphone, visit your local Rinnai retailer and pick up a free life-size poster. Go to .