Good Electrical Have Some Great Tips For Those Winter Months

Friday 29 April 2016, 3:33PM
By Beckie Wright

As the seasons are slowly changing, we are seeing the first signs of autumn in the leaves on our deciduous trees changing colour and the mornings becoming just a little chillier, so this is a really good time to prepare the house for the cold winter months to come. As the team at Good Electrical advise, this is the perfect time to install a home ventilation system and people can do so by going to http://www.aucklandelectrician.co.nz/home-ventilation/ .

The Good Electrical team would also like to give people a reminder on how to keep themselves safe. For those who are going to be working outside near power lines, such as trimming or removing trees, cleaning gutters, replacing spouting, painting or water blasting, repairing roofs or chimneys, they must make sure their electricity supplier turns off the power first.

Autumn is also a good time to check those electrical appliances, including electric blankets, heaters and clothes dryers, for damage and wear and tear and the Good Electrical team recommend that people should also check the power cords and plugs for damage, exposed wires or signs of overheating. This is a good time to make sure their electrical appliances are operating correctly and to check for any unusual noises, or if anything is broken or damaged, including power cords. If there are any loose parts, signs of overheating or burning, the appliance should not be used and should be checked by a licensed electrical worker immediately. Anyone who has an appliance repaired should ask the repairer to fit an inspection tag to show that it has been tested properly after repair.

Electric heaters should also be checked for wear and tear. Heaters may require cleaning every so often, especially fan heaters and this can be done by first unplugging the heater and simply vacuuming the inlet and outlet grills to remove dust. However, the heater should not be dismantled for cleaning. Similarly, electric blankets should be checked for damage and wear before they are used, checking the control switch, cord, and plug, and looking for any kinks, worn wires, scorch marks, or breaks in the heating element. People should remember, electric blankets have a limited life and if there is any doubt about their safety they should throw them out and replace them.

Good Electrical are there to carry out all these checks for people in their homes, so for more information please visit the website at http://www.aucklandelectrician.co.nz .