Duncan Webb Nominated for Christchurch Central

Tuesday 3 May 2016, 5:10PM
By Duncan Webb



Prominent Christchurch lawyer and former law professor Dr Duncan Webb has been nominated to stand as the Labour Party candidate for the Christchurch Central electorate in 2017.

A long-time member of the Labour Party, Webb says Central Christchurch is embedded in him and he in it.

“Both my wife and I live here, we work here and our children have gone to school in the electorate.”

Webb has perhaps gained greatest profile in recent years as an outspoken advocate for earthquake claimants, however he says he’s “more than just the earthquake guy”.

“I’ve had a long apprenticeship first in learning, teaching and researching at the University (of Canterbury), in helping people in legal practice, and in being a socially aware and politically driven activist lawyer for many years,” he says. “I now want to offer those skills where they can be most effectively used.”

Dr Webb says he is driven by what he and the Labour Party sees as an urgent need for change.

“We must have ordinary Kiwis, everyday New Zealanders at the centre of everything we do. If you look at Christchurch for example, people should be the top priority in the day-to-day decisions around how the city is rebuilt, as well as how we respond to events like the earthquakes,” he says. “A Labour Government will make Christchurch a better place and I know I can help to make that happen.”

Christchurch Central members of the Labour Party will meet on June 11 to select the Labour candidate. The successful announcement of the candidate will be made on the same day.




Dr Webb is available for interview, please phone 021 244 3346.