Get Warm, Get Creative With Rinnai

Thursday 19 May 2016, 1:23PM
By Beckie Wright

This winter Rinnai recommends we should forget about chopping wood in the freezing night air and instead get warm and embrace the style and creativity of the Rinnai Neo Inbuilt Premium Classic; the fireplace that complements our home.

The Rinnai Neo Inbuilt Premium Classic is the first natural draft gas fire available to Kiwi homeowners with the blue ENERGY STAR awarded to the top 25 percent of the most efficient products in the category, and boasts traditional style combined with the latest innovative technology. With a choice of two framing options available, homeowners can individualise the Rinnai Neo Premium classic fireplace. They can choose the Premium Classic bronze frame for a home that celebrates rustic, warm tones, or the Premium Classic silver frame for a simpler, more minimalistic approach.

Awarded the blue ENERGY STAR® mark which identifies it as one of New Zealand’s most efficient products in its category, with a 4.1 star rating, the advanced design of the Rinnai Neo means we require less energy to heat the room – which means lower running costs – and more spare change for winter weekend activities or hot chocolates on the go! The Rinnai Neo Inbuilt Premium Classic also boasts superior versatility for ease of use and peace of mind, and people can choose from a base model with a discrete manual control, or a full featured model with Electronic Timer Remote (ETR).

Rinnai National Marketing Manager, Kathryn Geck, says the Rinnai Neo Inbuilt Premium Classic offers Kiwi homeowners style, efficiency and creativity when choosing a gas fireplace that works for them and their home. “As the first natural draft gas fire available in New Zealand with ENERGY STAR mark, the Rinnai Neo Inbuilt Premium Classic requires less energy to heat living spaces, making it the ideal choice for individuals and families this winter.”

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