Munchkin Grass FedTM Formula – The First 100% New Zealand Grass Fed Formula

Tuesday 24 May 2016, 5:27PM
By Impact PR

From precious first smiles to the first day of preschool, life with little ones is full of firsts, so nourish them with the first-ever formula made from 100 percent New Zealand grass fed milk created farm to bottle right here in NZ!

Most mums don’t realise that infant and toddler formula is made with up to 65 percent milk and milk by-products. New Munchkin Grass Fed Formula is made with high-quality grass fed milk made in the beautiful surrounds of Godzone. With fresh milk collected daily from local Canterbury farms, Munchkin Grass Fed formula helps provide wholesome nutrition for your child.

Grass fed milk is healthier than grain fed milk because it comes from cows that eat only grass and plants year-round, as nature intended. The result? The richest and best-tasting milk in the world, with the proper balance of fatty acids plus vitamins, nutrients and protein with no antibiotics, GMOs or hormones like rBGH.

Because a natural diet for cows creates a better formula for little ones, Munchkin set its own standard for grass fed milk to ensure the best quality possible. Munchkin’s cows are exclusively fed grass and forage in the lush green pastures of Aotearoa, unlike organic-raised cows that eat a combination of silage, corn, gluten, pulp and grass. The high-quality milk is then made into formula at Synlait, one of the world’s leading formula providers.

And while we know that breastmilk is best, for families who choose to bottle feed their babies, there are also two stages of infant formula available. A third stage, Munchkin Grass Fed Milk-Based Toddler Drink, helps provide active children with the ideal balance of vitamins and nutrients, including antioxidants to help boost a strong immune system, as well as calcium to support bone growth.

Munchkin has been providing parents with innovative products for more than 25 years. Creators of more than 400 infant and baby products, the company is renowned for its ability to identify parents’ needs and find new ways to address them.

Munchkin spokesperson, Gary Hunter, says the company chose to produce milk in New Zealand after travelling the world to find somewhere that offered the high quality standards mums and their children deserve. Known for its high quality dairy, New Zealand was the perfect location.

“With a temperate climate and green pastures where cows can graze 365 days per year, New Zealand is also home to some of the toughest dairy and food restrictions in the world. That means Munchkin’s grass fed dairy cows are raised free from harmful, unnatural growth hormones and steroids, and the milk in our formula is completely free of GMOs,” says Hunter.

“At the heart of our brand is how much Munchkin cares about mums and their children. Our ethos is doing little things that make a big difference in parent’s lives and our new formula helps to deliver the best nutrition possible for active kids.

“Parents today want to know where the food they feed their family is coming from, and especially what’s inside their baby formula. It’s part of our DNA to challenge the status quo with best in class, new products that make parents’ and their babies’ lives better. For formula – that means better milk, from 100% grass fed cows, and a partnership with the most sophisticated formula maker in the world – Synlait,” he says.

The Munchkin Grass Fed™ Range

For parents who choose to bottle feed, or supplement their feed, new Munchkin Grass Fed™ formula provides an option to nurture development at every stage of your baby’s early years. The three variants include:

Infant (Birth to six months) – RRP $40
Follow-on (Six to 12 months) – RRP $40
Toddler (one to three years) – RRP $35

Munchkin Grass Fed formula will be available in New Zealand from May 2016. To buy online and view full stockist details visit

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