Argus Fire Protection Provide A Range Of Products & Services

Wednesday 8 June 2016, 10:47AM
By Beckie Wright

Argus Fire Protection offer a wide range of quality, world leading products and systems New Zealand wide, and can offer a full range of services for the commercial and industrial sectors including design and installation, regular testing and certification and ongoing and preventative maintenance. Their products include automatic fire protection, fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems and foam deluge and foam sprinkler systems.

Automatic fire sprinkler systems are widely regarded as one of the most effective and reliable methods of controlling a fire to safeguard both people and property. Argus Fire Protection has over 100 years of combined experience with the design, on-going service, maintenance, testing and compliance management of fire sprinkler systems and are able to offer tailored and cost effective solutions utilising the latest technology, complying with a range of local and international standards and codes.

For a typical fire sprinkler system, auto fire sprinklers are installed across the ceiling at a regular spacing throughout the protected building and connected to a water piping network that is constantly filled with water under pressure.  Each fire sprinkler is held closed by a thermal element. This is usually a small glass bulb filled with a colour coded fluid that expands when heated. When there is a fire below the fire sprinkler, the heat makes the fluid inside the glass bulb expand, just as it does in a thermometer. At a set temperature (the rated activation temperature of the sprinkler) there is no more room for the fluid to expand and so it breaks the bulb. The water seal then falls away and the sprinkler starts to spray water onto the fire below.

 Foam deluge and foam sprinkler systems are utilised to protect specialist risks involving the storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids. Examples of occupancies where foam systems may be used include storage tank protection, warehouse storage of flammable and combustible liquids, aircraft hangars, heliports and truck loading areas. Firefighting foams suppress fire by forming a blanket across the surface of the liquid fuel and separating it from the air (oxygen) that it needs to burn. In addition to smothering the fire the foam blanket also cools the fuel and suppresses the release of flammable vapours.

There are several different types of foam to suit a wide range of applications and fuel types and Argus Fire Protection’s engineering and design team are happy to discuss their customers’ needs to ensure that the best solution is offered to meet their specific requirements.

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