IFP Group: Your Bulk Handling & Storage Specialists

Wednesday 8 June 2016, 4:31PM
By IFP Group

IFP Group has an innovative and trusted approach to supplying New Zealand companies with specialist storage, packaging and handling across industries such as food processing and preparation, agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, warehousing and materials handling.

We have serviced New Zealand’s bulk handling needs for more than 30 years by nurturing and growing an international network of suppliers as well as staying at the forefront of emerging technology and markets through our in-house design and manufacturing teams.

Whether your company needs to shift crates of snapper from Kaitaia or oysters from Bluff, or whether you need easy-to-handle and efficient storage crates for more heavy-duty items or secure crates for special items, the team at IFP Group will have not only the ideal handling solution but also the smarts to be able to source what you need quickly and within your budget.

When it comes to bulk handling, IFP Group prides itself on four key areas:

100% Kiwi service with a global supply network

The perfect blend of being a trusted local manufacturer and supplier as well as tapping in to a worldwide network of storage and handling experts, means that whether you’re a small, growing Kiwi company or the New Zealand arm of a large multinational organisation, you can be sure that IFP Group will be able to source and supply the products you need, when you need them.

Products we source & stock or manufacture ourselves avoid the long lead-in times which come with international freighting. Our Kiwi can-do attitude also means that we’re flexible to your company’s requirements and can work to your deadlines, not those of shipping companies or overseas suppliers.

The flexibility and speed which comes from using an NZ-sourced product also means that your company doesn’t have to stockpile or warehouse handling products. This saves on space; time spent handling, storing and stock-taking; and also helps with cashflow – the three hallmarks of an efficient business.

IFP Group also has a strong reputation for sourcing and supplying from a trusted network of long-term business trading partners who afford us excellent service. By travelling the world looking for ideal partners, we are able to bring the latest innovations in design, manufacturing and materials straight to New Zealand businesses. And by tapping in to large-scale international production lines from suppliers and manufacturers across the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australasia, we can offer our customers the confidence that comes with knowing their required products are always going to be available.

IFP Group work alongside manufacturers and suppliers in the United States, Asia-Pacific and Europe and have regular shipments with trusted shipping companies as well as the flexibility and contacts to turn around international jobs as fast as possible. Because we also buy in substantial amounts and regularly, we are able to maintain good stock levels or source quick turnaround items to ensure the smooth running of your company isn’t compromised.

Customised bulk handling solutions

In business it pays to stand out from the crowd. And that’s why IFP Group understands the importance of offering custom-designed and moulded products which help promote your brand and offer specific solutions to your company’s and your merchandise’s needs.

Our team will work alongside your company from the planning, through the concept design, testing, manufacturing and delivery stages to ensure your product fits the bill – and because we’ve got more than three decades’ experience behind us, we can offer advice to find the right customised solution for your business.

New Zealand businesses trust IFP Group to create customised bulk handling products for:

  • Branding – including bespoke colour, logos, and moulded lettering.
  • Product development – if you’re launching a new product on to the market it important to develop handling and storage products at the same time. This can involve new, customised products which meet product-specific goals.
  • Ease of use – bulk storage and handling products can be customised to fit existing conveyor/warehousing systems, to suit being carried or moved easily, to display safety or hazard information, to meet site-specific challenges, and to handle varied products.

Keeping a safe and secure work environment

Because IFP Group works with some of the county’s highest risk industries – such as aquaculture and agriculture – as well as servicing health-conscious industries such as food preparation and food product manufacturing, we understand the importance of a safe and secure work environment.

Our range of products have been designed to help New Zealand companies conform to the new 2016 Health and Safety at Work Act legislation through key areas such as the safe storage of bulk liquids, safe handling equipment, safe and efficient warehousing and customisable items that can be created to the individual requirements of business-specific health and safety requirements.

And because New Zealand companies and customers demand the highest levels of quality in their products we also ensure our plastics are either:

  • Safe and green: Apart from our Enviro range, all IFP Group’s products are food grade, recyclable and manufactured from 100% virgin plastic. This means you can be confident that whatever business you are in, your products will be handled with the best equipment and in the ideal environment. So whether you need a shovel to scoop large amounts of bulk feed or ice, you need crates to transport fruit at harvest time, or you’re looking to develop packaging for a new food retail item, you can trust our products will meet all health and safety requirements. All our food grade containers meet all requirements for direct contact with food products for New Zealand and Australian regulation.
  • Recycled: As more and more consumers become concerned with where their purchases are sourced, and how they are transported and packaged, it’s important to be able to offer them recycled products. Enviro crates are not only recyclable but are also made from 100% recycled material and have been independently approved to an international standard of environmental impact. This means that they have the ability to be recycled over and over again.

Customer service

We work hard to develop quality working relationships with our customers by going that extra mile whenever we can because we believe that if your business gets the highest quality products we can source or manufacture, supplied in good time and good order, then that helps your bottom line as well as ours.

And because we work alongside our customers to understand their businesses, we also understand how to develop storage and bulk handling efficiencies, and this of course will help save time, space and money. By providing honest, up-front and personal service, our customers are able to trust us as a supplier, which in turn allows them to be confident in their business dealings with us. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness go hand-in-hand with trust.

You don’t get to succeed in business for three decades without understanding what you truly stand for – and the heart of good customer service is a genuine belief in your products and quality of manufacturing. IFP Group’s commitment to New Zealand business has seen us develop a wide range of customers across a broad spectrum of industries as well as ongoing network and manufacturing development to service a constantly changing business landscape.

For more information on IFP Group’s commitment to helping New Zealand businesses find their perfect bulk handling and storage solutions, contact us on 09 6369193, call in to our Auckland office at 327A Neilson St, Penrose, email us at or via the website.