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Tuesday 26 July 2016, 4:19PM
By Ronald

Denim has been the widely cherished fabric which is prominent in the form of variety of dresses and is thus the major contributor to the modern wardrobe. Such a dress material is termed as durable and versatile owing to its hard robust yarns and long-lasting elegance. Premium quality denim is everyone’s preferred choice nowadays for the ultimate fashion objective and not only sterling jeans are being widely manufactured as well as custom stitched across the world, but even the denim shirts have made a long way in the two past decades in Asian countries and has soared in higher ranks of sartorial preference. Likewise, even the supreme quality denim jackets have made its rounds across the world fashion platform for the time immemorial. In recent years however, fashion stylists have successfully experimented the ultimate denim fabric for crafting elegant pocket squares and for designing appealing ties and such thought-provoking fashion innovation has indeed being applauded widely across the extensive global horizon.


The Denim Shirt: Assured Fashion Staple:

Denim jeans and jackets have always piled up mass appeal while such are aligned with any other clothing and then with the surfacing of typical “double denim looks” recently further enhanced the growing interest into the fabric and the apparels carve out from it. In the opinion of eminent fashion stylists and the acclaimed tailoring houses from around the world have emphasized that right kind of shirt (stitched out of classic denim) should always be preferred for seeking enchanting personal elegance.     For instance, Heavyweight Western versions are hailed for such can cement the masculine and athletic looks owing to their blue collars while in the words of famous tailors in Hong Kong, many of their European customers accentuate upon slim-cut, mid weight button-down style in a bid to harness the hidden power of denim fabric.


Further, since such can be moulded efficiently with any casual point, smart-casual meetings or for business hours, slim fit denim shirts would endure appealing looks while such would be coupled with leather boots and jeans. Further, textured wool tie and tweeted blazer would always be the widely preferred option for autumn or for winter seasons. Further, for summer days and when sun shines too brightly, lightweight forms of denim would ensure proper ease and comfort and such can be put on over a vest or enchanting Tee.


In short, classic denim shirts have bagged the tag of being “most essential” wardrobe staple and can be aligned with any other clothing or like a standalone piece, denim shirts have emerged as the most modern way to wear smart attitude alongside cementing casual looks and are indeed considered to be the smartest ensembles too. Finally, for seeking perfect fit disposition, any renowned tailoring expertise or Recommended Tailors in Hong Kong can be relied upon for such a defining purpose.


As such, the fabric has made its presence felt in one’s preference for supreme clothing and shirts and jeans are an essential fashion staple.  This article would continue with a lot of precious insight about the essence of denim fabric and we therefore appeal to readers to stay tuned for further insightful posts on the topic.


Author: Hardeep Singh, Web Designer in Delhi