Kiwis Choose to Renovate Rather than Sell: Demand Increases for Heavy Equipment

Tuesday 20 September 2016, 3:12PM
By Cates Brothers Limited


Instead of selling their houses, Kiwis are choosing to renovate instead. Home renovations are up as homeowners are turning their backs on the property market. Many would rather upgrade their homes rather than to take risks. They fear that it will be difficult to find another home if they choose to give up their current one.

Collectively, New Zealanders has spent nearly $1.5 billion in home renovations in 2015, compared to the $940 million in 2012. This is a significant increase in the number home renovations – it jumped by nearly 30% in the past three years.

Data gathered by the Certified Builders Association shows that one of the most common forms of renovations include home expansions. Kiwis are choosing to add new rooms and bathrooms to increase the value of their properties. To add a garage or a new bedroom requires extensive excavations – as such, the demand for heavy equipment also increased.

Trusted Engineering

NZ authorities strictly regulate and oversee all renovation projects to ensure that the buildings are safe and fit for residence. Homeowners will need an earthmovers, as well as cartage to haul the excavated dirt to a new location. Dirt has to be disposed of properly, making sure that it falls in line with New Zealand environmental codes.

If you are one of the many New Zealanders who are expanding their homes and are in need of heavy equipment, Cate Brothers Limited is your partner for all your renovation and excavation projects.

Cate Brothers Limited offers excavator hire at competitive rates. Along with their cartage and haulage expertise, the company specialises in earthmoving operations. Their professional engineers can effectively and safely excavate your property and remove any excess earth.

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